What do we do?

Millennial Politics showcases and raises the profiles of progressive organizations and candidates ahead of their elections. For 2018, our focus will be on featuring Congressional Candidates from Swing Districts, Senate Candidates, and Gubernatorial Races, and the organizations that are helping them be successful. 

We believe Donald Trump and the modern-day GOP pose an existential threat to the future of our democracy, and the best way to restore checks and balances in our government is to flip either the House or the Senate (or both), and to install as many Democratic Governors as possible.  

Where We’ll Focus

We intend to focus on progressive candidates who are vocally supporting values that millennials believe in.

For 2018, we are identifying swing districts across the country where Republicans are vulnerable, and we will be working to systematically raise the profiles of the Democratic challengers through our Podcast, Website, Social Media and Live-streams.

What Does Progressive Mean To Us?

We will seek out candidates and organizations that align and agree with our values. We at Millennial Politics stand for:

▪ Criminal justice reform

▪ Racial and social justice

▪ Addressing income inequality

▪ Healthcare for all

▪ Combating climate change

▪ Citizenship for undocumented Americans

▪ Reproductive rights

▪ LGBTQ Civil Rights

▪ Common sense gun safety legislation

▪ Rolling back Citizens United and getting money out of politics

▪Combating the opioid epidemic


Meet Our Team

Danielle Graham – Guest Contributor

Jose Avila – Political Contributor

Diandra Loux – Political Contributor & Commentator

Emily Blake – Political Contributor & Commentator

Johari M. Frasier – Political Contributor & Commentator

Michael Manansala – Political Contributor & Commentator

Jordan Valerie Allen – Politics Editor & Podcast Host

Dylan Kristine – Senior Contributor & Operations Manager

Nathan Rubin – Founder & CEO


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  1. Hope you’ve included flipping Peter Roskam’s seat in IL 6th district! Sean Casten castenforcongress.com is the progressive candidate to take his seat and effect meaningful change in DC. He’s a problem solver and lord knows we need problem solvers in DC!

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