Cori Bush – (D) Candidate for Missouri 1st House Seat

Cori Bush is running for Missouri’s 1st United States House of Representatives seat in the upcoming 2018 midterms. Backed by Brand New Congress, Ms. Bush is a political novice with deep ties to her community and grassroots organizations. Her unconventional pathway to candidacy illustrates a fresh approach to identifying and supporting Congressional candidates.

Brand New Congress is an organization founded by former staffers and volunteers from Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. It was created with the goal of radically reshaping the membership of Congress by championing candidates who have not held public office. Describing themselves as “post-partisan,” Brand New Congress has published a platform their candidates endorse. Their focuses include but are not limited to: reproductive rights, infrastructure spending, a $15 dollar minimum wage, tuition-free college, trade schools, to and Medicare for all. Go to their website find out more.

Meet the Candidate

Cori Bush has faced many struggles that are all too common to working Americans. Born and raised in St. Louis, Bush started her working life as a teacher at an early childhood education center with three-year-olds. Due to a salary cap, Cori decided to take her passion for helping others into the medical field and enrolled in nursing school. During this trying time, she was forced to balance her second pregnancy, her marriage, caring for her one-year-old, and her full-time job. She was unable to make ends meet, with she and her family spending four months living out of her car.

In 2008, Cori graduated from nursing school and quickly began to rise through the ranks within her unit, becoming a regional charge nurse within her first year on the job. Her commitment to her community grew within the next years. She became a pastor, even leading her own ministry in 2011.

During the months of protest in Ferguson, Missouri following Michael Brown’s shooting, Bush came to support protestors in all of her capacities – as a minister, community leader, and healer. For eight months, she participated in the protests. She was even injured by police officers in the protests after the grand jury’s decision not to indict Michael Brown’s killer. In the wake of these harrowing months, Bush helped found the Truth Telling Project to encourage victims of injustice to tell their stories.

In 2016, Bush chose to attempt to solve the problems she witnessed daily in her work with homeless and underinsured people in St. Louis by running for public office. She entered the race for Missouri’s 1st House seat and managed to garner an impressive 13 percent of the vote despite a small campaign budget.

This time, with the backing of Brand New Congress, Cori Bush is a formidable candidate able to command the attention her story and work deserve.


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