CrowdPAC: Radicals For Democracy

Ever wanted to run for office but didn’t know how? Lucky for you, there’s an organization out there that’s got your back.

Launched in 2014, CrowdPAC is a for-profit created by self-described “radicals for democracy.” Made up of small dollar donors, CrowdPAC aims to fight back against the influence of corporate dollars in politics.

Are You a First-Timer Wanting To Run For Office? CrowdPAC Can Help!

CrowdPAC emphasizes actionable politics and personal innovation rather than corporate dollars and political image handling, which helps explain why we at Millennial Politics like it so much. To show a commitment to those values, they’ve created a brief but informative guide to running for office that anyone can read by clicking here and following the instructions provided.

This guide is broken into a few key sections and showcases some of the neat features of the site, such as its unique crowdfunding mechanism. It also helps provide directions and advice for the first few weeks of running for office that are worth taking some time to read. It’s only 19 pages long and ends with links to bipartisan and nonpartisan groups that seek to help first-time candidates receive resources and vital training. Lastly, it shares information about useful apps that candidates and campaigns can make use of to effectively communicate and make the most of the resources they’ve received.

A New Sort Of Crowdfunding For Politicians In Mind

Crowdfunding is perhaps the hardest part of running for office. In a Citizens United country, this is what keeps lower- and middle-class people from running. There is an unfortunate perception that they lack the sort of personalities needed for successful appeals to businesses that drive campaign financing.

Knowing all of this, CrowdPAC has designed a system wherein people can pledge their support for candidates but only actually pay if the candidate officially announces their campaign. This is a helpful system for potential candidates who want to see what sort of support structures they could build for their campaigns.

Find And Create Communities

Another important function of CrowdPAC is the ability to find and join communities that are relevant to the interests of your potential constituents. Joining a group is fairly easy and can be as simple have a single click.

Communities can be proposed by users as well. Someone who decides to propose a community fills out a brief form which allows them to explain what community they are attempting to create. After the form is filled out, it is sent to be reviewed by the staff of CrowdPAC.

Creating these digital communities truly makes CrowdPAC an effective tool for learning about existing political communities and training the next generation of political organizers. by creating a space for us to create digital communities.

Radicals for Democracy

CrowdPAC is an ambitious project that seeks to democratize our form of government and make our political system approachable for everyone again, not just the rich and powerful. It seeks to encourage all sorts of new voices to come to join the table. Check it out yourself and let us know what you think!


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