Get Some Sun and Vote Solar

xvote-solar-logo-900.png.pagespeed.ic.XCiXIiO1oEVote Solar is a nonprofit organization working at the state level to support policies and programs bringing solar energy to the mainstream. The organization started in 2002 out of California but now also has a presence in Colorado, Massachusetts, Maryland, and DC and it’s only growing. With an administration who refuses to acknowledge climate change let alone fund research, Vote Solar is now more important than ever.

Americans want clean energy but are also used to the system already in place. The transition to solar may be foreign but its perks mean nothing but positive things for the planet. Vote Solar focuses on five key program areas: Community Shared Solar, Incentives and Market Drivers, Low-Income Solar Access, Building a Modern Grid, Net and Metering and Rates.

For the solar newbie, here’s what that breaks down to:

Community shared solar means encouraging homeowners, business owners, and landlords to have rooftops suitable for the solar market. Most rooftops are shaded or unsuitable to effectively use solar power.

Incentives and Market Drivers is promoting policy that incites tax payers and business owners to consider going solar. Why should you contribute to the amount of renewable energy on the grid?….This is where that question gets answered.

Low-Income Solar Access  focuses its mission to the approximately 22 million low income families nationwide. By informing this community to the savings and jobs that come along with solar power, it builds a strong foundation to spread the perk far and wide.

Build a Modern Grid. Our current infrastructure relies on fossil fuels. In order to become independent of this fossil-based infrastructure, extensive planning must take place. This is where Vote Solar brainstorms and executes plans to use renewable resources to power our grid.

Net Metering and Rates. Right now if you are a solar customer, many utility companies slap unnecessary and exploitative fees on your bill. This is where Vote Solar fights these fees and your rights to use solar power.

The organization has an impressive team behind it, but can’t get anywhere without support and action from every day citizens. Join Vote Solar to get emails for action alerts and to stay in the know. There is so much potential for solar power and it’s important to let your policymakers know you support that progress.


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