Mac McGregor could be first trans Seattle city councilperson

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Position 8 on the Seattle City Council isn’t known for making history. Mac McGregor hopes to change that.

If elected, Mac would be the first transgender member of the Seattle City Council. He believes that his identity is an asset to his candidacy. “A city is only as strong as its most marginalized population,” he said. “I want to use my experiences, talents, and skills to empower others, especially those who feel disenfranchised or marginalized.”

Mac has been involved in Seattle politics for many years now. He was appointed City Commissioner in 2011, has served on the Seattle LGBTQ Commission, and currently belongs to the Seattle Police Department’s LGBTQ Advisory Council. He has also done activist work for the LGBTQ community with organizations such as Social Outreach Seattle, a non-profit for homeless LGBTQ youth, where he serves as Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Outreach Director.

He was motivated to run for city council by Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory. “They want us to be silent, but we’re not going to do it. I’m going to stand for all marginalized people.”

His campaign platform is detailed, with 18 major issues listed on his website. His top priority is small business advocacy, which is particularly important to him as someone who owned a small martial arts school and personal training studio for almost half of his life. He wants to help small businesses by reducing fees. “Even if you are in a low-income area of town, they are given no breaks, which I would like to see us do as a city. It helps lift that area up, it helps reduce crime in that area, it does a lot of great things for a neighborhood. And we are giving no breaks to marginalized people who own small businesses.”

Unfortunately, Mac has not raised as much nearly as much as some of his opponents, lagging behind the top candidate, Jon Grant, by tens of thousands. He hopes to qualify for Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program by receiving 400 donations of amounts between $10 and $250. “I think the voucher program was designed for a candidate like me — a grassroots candidate from a marginalized community — to be able to run.”

You can help Mac make history by donating to his campaign here!

Jordan Valerie is the Head Writer and Editor-in-Chief at Millennial Politics.

She is also an activist, cinephile, and proud queer woman of color. Her friends call her a Mad Max: Fury Road obsessive, but she prefers the term enthusiast. She’s cautiously optimistic about the future of humanity.

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