Rep. Jeramey Anderson – Youngest African-American Legislator in US History


Rep. Jeramey Anderson is the Caucus Secretary of the Mississippi State House Democrats, and he’s the youngest African-American legislator in US history.

At the age of 16, Jeramey founded a non-profit organization known as the Purple Knights of America, which is dedicated to serving as a mentoring organization to young boys ages 11-18.  Now, he serves as the programs President/CEO.  His dedication and passion have drawn many avid supporters to the Purple Knights Movement.

Anderson has three goals that are the driving forces behind his ambitions and success in regards to our youth:  “Making a difference in the lives of kids”, “Empowering young males to reach their highest potential” and “Inspiring young people to believe in education in order to succeed in life”.

He’s already building a large social media following and making a name for himself, so be sure to keep an eye out for Rep. Anderson in the future.


Nathan is the founder of Millennial Politics and a concerned citizen who hopes to inspire others to get involved in our democracy. He is on the Executive Committee of the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, and you can find him on Twitter @NathanHRubin.


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