Resistance Summer: Democrats’ National Effort to Oppose Trump


With Republicans trying to quash the Russia investigation, take away healthcare from tens of millions of Americans, and end press access to government proceedings, this is shaping up to be quite a stressful summer for Democrats.

That’s why the Democratic National Committee is taking the summer months to incite action through a program called Resistance Summer. Working with, the DNC created Resistance Summer out of opposition to the current administration as well as a need to give progressive leaders the resources to organize in their communities.

They are enlisting 1,000 participants to learn tactics and strategies to organize, resist, and move progressive policies and candidates to success. Over the course of 12 weeks, the effort to train and mobilize progressive leaders in the United States will be in full swing.

The three-month-long program emphasizes training, community action, and cohorts. The vision is to turn the lessons learned and tools gained from sustainable resources to continue the resistance by the end of the summer program.

First, volunteers will be placed into “cohorts,” which will be made up of 25 Resistance Summer participants in a particular location. These groups of 25 will stay together to plan and organize events and engagements in their communities.

Second, volunteers will take part in Facebook Live webinar-style videos and readings to gain knowledge about how to actualize the practices they develop in their cohorts.

Finally, at the end of the summer, when Congress is back in session, cohorts will organize town halls and mobilize community members to push for progressive policy.

Democrats hope that this program will help the Resistance mobilize. By registering and educating community members through various Summer Cookouts and community events, Resistance Summer hopes to win Democratic seats up and down the ballot in upcoming elections.

On top of equipping volunteers with resources on organizing and leadership, Resistance Summer is creating a network and community of progressives. The program is not just an effort to win, but also an effort to spread the Democratic value across the United States.

Join the Resistance Summer here.

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