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Among the amazing organizations to have popped up in response to the 2016 election, Swing Left proves to be an incredibly focused and useful tool in targeting house seats for the 2018 General election. Swing Left is the brainchild of three non politicos Ethan Todras-Whitehill, Joshua Kraftchin, and Miriam Stone who decided to channel their anger into action.

After weighing options for focus, the house of representatives proved to be the most effective arena in which to make change. Swing Left aims to out-organize republicans and unify progressives who promote tolerance, equality, unity and fairness by targeting 52 Swing Districts (places where the last election was won by 15% of the vote or less).

They truly excel in specificity and serve up a user friendly map on their website where defeating GOP candidates could be a reality. In a time where feeling powerless and defeated is the norm, they’ve found opportunity for action. By teaming up and connecting with voters, progressives will have a better chance in 2018 to have the majority in one branch of government.

Go to the website www.swingleft.org and sign up with your email address to join a Swing District Team! You’ll work with others to get educated about the district, fundraise, be prompted to share on social media, volunteer, and attend events.

Don’t live in a swing district? Have no fear! The site acknowledges most of its users probably do not live in a targeted district. To this point, they offer opportunities to help from afar, identify easily traveled to districts, and help guide you on how to know more about your district anyway!

Caralie Chrisco

Caralie is a talent manager, entrepreneur, part time playwright, and newbie politico currently residing in Brooklyn with her husband and pup.

Nathan is the founder of Millennial Politics and a concerned citizen who hopes to inspire others to get involved in our democracy. He is on the Executive Committee of the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, and you can find him on Twitter @NathanHRubin.
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