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The angry and huddled masses have found their pied piper in true form in Michael Moore. From organizing rallies across New York City, to having a presence at the Women’s March on Washington, Moore has been spreading far and wide how to take action against the current administration. Most people never knew Congress’s number by heart until having to repeat it endlessly upon his instruction (202-225-3121, for those who haven’t been to a rally lately). Moore’s latest and greatest motivator and tool is “The Resistance Calendar.”

Social media has been a flurry with protests, rallies, and other politically motivated event listings. It’s hard to know which ones are worth your time and to not get overwhelmed by which cause you should be marching for this week. The Resistance Calendar is the product of Moore and his network and is a one stop shop for an activist’s planner. The site organizes all legitimate political events as part of the resistance. Users can filter by location and date and submit their own event listings for approval.

There are events happening almost every day all across the country. Go to the website and sign up with your email address to find out about everything from volunteer meetings, seminars, street protests, to which days to strike.

The Resistance Calendar is perfect for the political enthusiast looking for their next engagement.

Caralie Chrisco


Caralie is a talent manager, entrepreneur, part time playwright, and newbie politico currently residing in Brooklyn with her husband and pup.


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