We Are New York Values – A Guidebook for Volunteers

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Through extensive research, Brooklyn artist and curator Jeanne Heifetz has created the ultimate volunteer guidebook that is “We Are New York Values.”  Hakook co-founders Mimi Doan and Josh Dean joined together to translate the wealth of information from Heifetz’s google docs into a crisp website. The site was created in response to the election but features organizations old and new that are vulnerable under the current administration.

The site has a simple, chic, and thorough layout. Users select an issue that’s of interest or personal importance and are directed to relevant NYC organizations. There are currently twenty seven categories and each leads to an alphabetized dedicated issue directory. Each organization’s section lists its mission, website, link to volunteer registration, point of contact, detailed description of what is asked of volunteers, and any other pertinent information.

We are New York Values is the ultimate go-to answer to the oft heard question of “how do I help?” It makes volunteering less intimidating and presents a diverse range of opportunity. Users not only get to search for specific issues such as “Gender Justice,” they can narrow down what aspect they’d like to target.

You may prefer to sign up with “Wishwas” that focuses on empowering low-income immigrant women, or go in the direction of closing the gender gap in technology with “Girls Who Code.” We are New York Values give you a multitude of options.

Go to their website,  sign up to volunteer, or dip your toe in the water by familiarizing yourself with what resources exist. If you don’t live in New York but like their vibe, Heifetz has written a how-to research guide and along with Doan’s tech support has a national Slack team of volunteers building sister sites. If you’re interested, contact them to get more information!

Caralie Chrisco

Caralie is a talent manager, entrepreneur, part time playwright, and newbie politico currently residing in Brooklyn with her husband and pup.


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