Women’s Information Network (WIN)

WIN-e1460927409398For pro-choice democratic women looking to connect with like-minded ladies, look no further than Women’s Information Network! WIN started in 1989 when a group of women who finished working on the Dukakis campaign came together to help each other re-enter the DC workforce. It started very casually at Karen Mulhauser’s home in the shape of a small dinner party. Ladies swapped stories, ideas, and plotted how to get jobs and expand their networks. The organization grew and today has two chapters: Washington DC and New York City.

WIN’s mission is composed of four parts: personal activism, professional development, political action, and pro-choice values. Every WIN event celebrates and elevates at least one of these arenas, whether it be financial classes, happy hours, sign making parties, or workshops supporting charity. As its title suggests, information is the biggest offering in this network. WIN members have access to shared google docs and email chains letting each other know about job openings, apartments for rent, political events, workshops, and other valuable opportunities in DC or NYC.

WIN is completely member driven and to become a member is simple! Go to the website (NY or DC) and fill out a short form asking about yourself, interests, and why you want to join. Upon approval you’ll have immediate access to shared google docs and emails with like-minded women.

Caralie Chrisco

Caralie is a talent manager, entrepreneur, part time playwright, and newbie politico currently residing in Brooklyn with her husband and pup.


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