Young Invincibles: together, invincible!

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The organization’s tagline says it all – when we stick together, we are invincible.

invincible:  incapable of being conquered, overcome, or subdued

-Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Whether you’re an ingoing or current student, grad, or just feel like you’re floating around like a particle in the upside-down, Young Invincibles has your back. They work to “engage young adults on issues such as higher education, health care, and jobs.”

With our constantly changing legislation, it can be near-impossible to keep track of what we can do in these areas. The organization has resources and reports to assist young adults and educate them on these important issues.


Not sure how your college education will impact your financial future? Young Invincible’s Higher Education Reform Initiative works to make colleges more transparent about how you will be affected by bringing together student perspectives and experiences.

Or want to learn more about the challenges millennials face in the world of higher education? They have reports on Millennial Poverty, Closing the Race Gap, Financial Aid and Consumerism, and how “Not All Degrees Are Created Equal.”

Get involved and advocate for state policies to promote higher education with the Student Impact Initiative.

Ever wondered how your generation compares to your parent’s? Gotten into debates about the cost of education vs. rate of pay then and now? Check out Generational Shifts for exact numbers.

A real highlight, however, is the 2016 Graduates Guide, a basic guide to healthcare, loan payment, and highlighting your assets in the workplace.


Completely lost when it comes to getting coverage? Because I am. Over here is assistance on where to find healthcare, how to apply, and what you can get. There are also reports on the Coverage Gap, and how you can empower your community.

Also be sure to check out their FAQs and Glossary to assist you with all your healthcare coverage concerns.

Young Invincibles gives you the tools to figure out your healthcare situation, and then advocate and assist others in their health care woes.


How are millennials really faring in today’s economic climate? YI provides reports on Financial HealthUnemployment Data, and the Hidden Cost of Unemployment. Ever wonder what your best options might be? The organization also shares reports on the Best Jobs, the Future of Millennial Jobs and Where Millennials Work.

Do you want reform for more #MillennialJobs? YI outlines Workforce Development Priorities to create more jobs, and how you can articulate these needs to your state.

Get Involved!

One of the main highlights of Young Invincibles is their Civic Learning Certification Program. The organization provides a grant to accelerate student civil engagement at college campuses to advocate for millennials in the issues of higher education, healthcare, and jobs.

When we are informed, connected, and empowered, millennials cannot be subdued… we are invincible.

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