What do we do?

Millennial Politics raises the profiles of next generation progressive candidates and organizations. 

Where We’ll Focus

We intend to focus on progressive candidates who are under the age of 40, are first time candidates, or are vocally supporting values that millennials believe in.

We won’t endorse candidates in any specific race, but we will seek out all candidates that meet our definition of progressive, even if they’re running against each other.

What Does Progressive Mean To Us?

We will seek out candidates and organizations that align and agree with our values. We at Millennial Politics stand for:

▪ Criminal justice reform

▪ Racial and social justice

▪ Addressing income inequality

▪ Healthcare for all

▪ Combating climate change

▪ DACA and immigration reform

▪ Women’s reproductive rights

▪ LGBTQ Civil Rights

▪ Common sense gun legislation

▪ Rolling back Citizens United


Meet Our Team

Jose Avila – Contributor

Jordan Valerie Allen – Editor-in-Chief

Dylan Kristine – Senior Contributor

Nathan Rubin – Founder & CEO


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