Alexandra Chandler: Senior Naval Intelligence Analyst for Congress

Alexandra Chandler is running for Congress in Massachusetts’ 3rd congressional district and she will inspire you to take over the world. Her career in the Intelligence Community started on September 11th when her now-wife was on the subway in lower Manhattan as the towers fell.

In those three hours of not knowing the fate of her wife, which happened to be on the anniversary of her father’s death, Alex sat in her Brooklyn apartment waiting for answers. She remembers looking up and saying: “Please don’t take her from me. I will do anything. I will serve. Whatever needs to be done.”

Needless to say, Alex fulfilled her end of the bargain. She joined the intelligence community in 2004. There, she worked in conjunction with Americans from every background, every race, religion, and gender identity, all working together in common cause and purpose. Whether it be from the most rural parts of America to the most booming cities we have to offer, everyone worked together to keep our country safe. That’s something that Alex says keeps her deeply grateful and optimistic. “There’s great diversity because that’s what you need. Unity, purpose, and focus. It was in that environment that I learned what it means to be a leader.”

She transitioned in 2006 while working as an Intelligence Analyst. “I didn’t expect I would be continued to do my job. They could have fired me but because of that focus on team and mission, I was embraced. My team and my bosses, they stood with me.” Alex said that being met with openness and kindness from those of all political views helped her to reveal her own abilities as a leader.

“When you’re so held back by not being who you are, you can’t bring your authentic self to your work. After transitioning, I was promoted five times and became the Division Chief for Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

If elected, Alex would be the first transgender person ever to serve in Congress.

Growing up, Alexandra’s father struggled with both addiction and Multiple Sclerosis. As opioid-related deaths in Massachusetts continue to skyrocket, Alexandra believes it’s imperative that we invest more money in evidence-based treatment, monitor pharmaceutical companies and make the treatment easier than the addiction. She is a firm believer in Medicare for all and believes that good affordable healthcare is a key component to beating the Opioid epidemic.

“I don’t think I’ve spoken to someone in my district who doesn’t have a story regarding underemployment, healthcare or the Opioid epidemic. It unlocks everything else.”

When asked about the abysmal LGBTQ representation in Congress, Alexandra explained that LGBTQ issues are working class issues as well. “When we address things like underemployment and access to affordable healthcare, that will be helping all of us in the LGBT community existing in all of our identities. I’m looking to represent all of our communities in Congress. We’re all in this together. It’s true that if you look at Congress, both the LGBT representation and our middle-class representation is minimal. The working middle class is on the menu. It’s time we elbow ourselves into that table because this our country too.” Alex explained that our education investments have lagged for decades. High wages, strong unions, progressive taxation is how we built the greatest middle class we’ve ever seen and looks forward to doing this again.

Alexandra Chandler: Speaking Against the #TransMilitaryBan, White House, 29 July 2017

Alexandra has already earned important endorsements. Sarah Christopherson served Massachusetts’ Third and Fifth Districts as a senior aide to Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, who held this seat prior to announcing her retirement. Christopherson cited Chandler’s superior experience in healthcare as a key factor in her endorsement. Trans United Fund announced their endorsement early on in the campaign. In order to score this endorsement, candidates must demonstrate a strong and proactive commitment to tackling issues like HIV/AIDS, immigration, violence, unemployment, and healthcare disparities, which disproportionately impact trans and gender-expansive communities. Chandler also just announced that a former staffer on U.S. Senator Doug Jones’s Alabama campaign will serve as the Deputy Campaign Manager for the Chandler Campaign.

“I am running because there’s a lack of long-term thinking and action in politics. Younger people can bring a lot to the table. Being that I’m a mom of both a five-year-old and two-year-old, I have the next decades of my life to think of. This means investing in education and policies to combat climate change. Millennials and Gen X’ers are going to have to live with these decisions. To LGBTQ kids out there, to any kid from any group that is under attack and vulnerable, know that the future is bright. This is a short-term backlash that we will overcome.”

Diandra is a commentator for Millennial Politics who hopes to inspire other women to use their voice. You can find her on Twitter @Diandra_loux


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