Call Them In: Timely Talking Points to #Resist & Fight For Progress


Picture this: you’re a Member of Congress (congrats! maybe?) and you’re weighing your options on an upcoming vote, trying to make up your mind – what’s going to be the most impactful way for someone to get your attention? A tweet? An email? With the exception of the “Easy D” in-Chief, probably not.

We easily forget emails, tweets, and generally a whole universe worth of noise that rumbles past us on a daily basis. But what about that conversation you had on the phone with a real living, breathing human? Enter, Call Them In.

About as straightforward of a change maker as they come, Call Them In cuts through the red-tape of community organizing by enabling a “collaborative network” – that’s us – to make a beeline for the halls of Congress by making informed, detailed, and timely phone calls to our Reps.

Congressional staff, the human shields of Congress, are going to pay a lot more attention to a call. And getting enough calls from constituents is going to resonate; making it something the boss is definitely going to hear about.

This is where the folks at CTI get strategic in a way that would make Underwood proud (sans a Putinesque murderous streak and machiavellian lust for power). CTI doesn’t want you calling people willy-nilly. Rather, as explained on their “About Us” page, the rabble in the House of Representatives don’t allow the minority party to filibuster legislation. Whereas, their better half, the Senate, does.

The Senate needs the magic number 60 to end a filibuster and vote on a bill. Therefore, Republicans need to say “pretty please” to Senate Dems if they’re going to pass legislation (barring the nuclear option, and let’s not go there). Thus, CTI’s first broadside is aimed squarely at the Senate. Even more specifically, CTI has “three fundamental issues toward which to direct our initial focus,” including:

  • Protecting Obamacare
  • Blocking radical appointments
  • Preventing tax cuts for the wealthy

So if you’re feeling the on-target strategy and the no BS approach, check out CTI’s website to get started. Once there, you can sign up for action alerts and find great tips on calling senators (for example, don’t call the senator’s district office if you wanna talk policy).

When the big moment arrives and you receive an action alert, they’ll guide you the whole way; providing you the background information on the issue, the phone numbers of your senators, and a short, snappy script to use when speaking with a congressional staffer (most likely a bewildered intern), all of which will take no more than five minutes. If you’re looking to apply real pressure on politicians, Call Them In.


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