Chelsea Manning Smear Campaign Reveals Liberal Transphobia and Nationalism

The liberal smear campaign against whistleblower and transgender woman Chelsea Manning in the wake of her U.S. Senate candidacy announcement reveals just how easily the left can embrace the very same transphobia and nationalism it denounces from the right.


North Carolina’s Gerrymander Ruled Unconstitutional: Checks & Balances In Action

For those that aren’t familiar, gerrymandering is the process by which Congressional Districts are “drawn” to favor one party. In about three-quarters of states, districts are carved up from scratch by state legislatures, approved by a majority, then made official…

Jake Tapper Schools Stephen Miller: “You’re wasting everybody’s time”

CNN’s Flagship Sunday show, “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper generally features serious guests showcasing serious issues. Not today. Jake Tapper invited White House Spokesperson Stephen Miller to come on set and help shine a light on whether President…