Chelsea Manning is Running for Senate

Chelsea Manning has filed to run for the United States Senate in Maryland, according to a Federal Election Commission filing.

Manning is a transgender woman who endured inhumane imprisonment for bravely leaking sensitive military documents revealing corruption, torture, and war crimes by the U.S. government that had been hidden from the American public. She received a cruel 35-year prison sentence for her whistleblowing. She was incarcerated in a men’s facility and denied transgender health services, which led her to attempt suicide twice. On January 17, 2017, her sentence was commuted by President Barack Obama as one of his last actions in office.

Manning has filed to run as a Democrat. She will be challenging incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin in the primary. The 74-year-old senator is running for re-election to a third term. Manning will be facing an uphill battle given that Sen. Cardin has served in elected office for half a century and has never lost a race before. In 2012, Sen. Cardin won the Democratic nomination with 74.2% of the primary vote and went on to crush his Republican challenger in the general election by a whopping 28.7 points.

Though Manning has not yet released a policy platform, there is no doubt that she will be running to the far left of Sen. Cardin. Manning has been a vocal opponent of the police state, advocating for the abolition of ICE, proudly proclaiming herself an anti-fascist, and using Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to discuss how “police kill hundreds of people every year with absolute impunity” and “police and prosecutors steal more through ‘civil asset forfeiture’ than all ‘property crime’ combined.”

Notably, Sen. Cardin attempted to update the Espionage Act to make it exponentially more difficult for government employees to leak sensitive information revealing corruption and crimes, just as Manning did.

If elected, Chelsea Manning would be the first openly transgender person to ever serve in Congress.

Watch her official announcement video here:

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