Corey Lewandowski Doesn’t Belong At Harvard Either

First, Harvard decides to host Sean Spicer, who added little value to the student body through a largely “off-the-record” fellowship, and now, apparently, Corey Lewandowski has earned his shot at giving it the old college try.

Lewandowski visited with students and faculty in a short stint as a Harvard Fellow, and nobody really knows what the point of it all was.

In contrast to Spicer’s fellowship, students appeared ready to challenge him on a number of issues, and were willing to re-open the debate about whether or not Lewandowski assaulted a reporter during the 2016 campaign.

If you recall, Michelle Fields simply was trying to ask then-candidate Trump a question, and Lewandowski forcibly removed Fields from the vicinity.

In response, Lewandowski tweeted the above, but the video clearly shows him touching her.

Regardless, bits of wisdom from Corey Lewandowski at Harvard include pieces like “John Kelly has everything under control” to “Donald Trump did great with black voters” and finally, “there was no collusion with Russia.

If Sean Spicer wasn’t bad enough for Harvard, why would Corey Lewandowski be a bridge too far?

Nathan is the founder of Millennial Politics and a concerned citizen who hopes to inspire others to get involved in our democracy. He is on the Executive Committee of the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, and you can find him on Twitter @NathanHRubin.

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