Cori Johnson – (D) Virginia State House Candidate

Cori Johnson has continuously been involved in her community. She’s worked in public service for over ten years and has always had an interest in the betterment of society. Following the 2016 presidential election, Cori became curious as to where her statehouse representative, House Delegate Chris Peace, stood on the divisive policies advocated for by the Trump White House. Cori contacted him, and after getting various non-answers to her questions, she decided it was time to take her desire to help others to the next level. Thus, Cori became the first Democrat to challenge House Del. Peace since the 2006 special election.

The Candidate

Cori is a working mother of three kids who she raises alongside her husband, Mike Johnson. She has never been a bystander. Cori always had a passion for the people, which has shined through her service as a paramedic, professional firefighter, and most recently within the Fire Department Community Risk Reduction program. Cori’s involvement with risk reduction gave her the skills to build, implement, and maintain various programs in her community. She has learned through her experience the importance of decisive leadership, critical problem solving, and rigorous accountability. Cori has no interest in beating career politicians at their own game, only in serving the people of Virginia’s 97th District.

District 97 lies in the eastern area of the state outside Richmond. It encompasses Hanover, New Kent, and King William counties. The district is heavily Republican-leaning; however, in the 2006 special election, the Republican candidate took the seat by just two percentage point over his Democratic opponent. Cori is looking to flip the district come November and bring real progress to her community.


Cori’s stances on various issues are rooted in her own life experience. She has a child that is part of the LGBTQ community and vows to join efforts to introduce bills that protect the LGBTQ community. Cori also has a child involved in special needs programs and promises to defend funding for those programs. She does not want politicians to choose their voters through gerrymandering, and thus supports an independent districting committee to implement sound redistricting.

Knowing how challenging financial difficulty can be, Cori is for fair wages, including an increase in the minimum wage and strengthening workers’ rights. She believes in equality and justice, advocating for ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, repealing section C of Virginia’s rape law, disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline, and ending voter suppression. Cori also supports criminal justice reform, improving access to health care, and campaign finance reform. Her campaign page contains comprehensive information on her legislative agenda.

Cori is a firm believer that the government’s job is to provide a framework to meet the basic needs of the community, while also providing equal protection to all citizens. She is running to bring enduring and positive change to her district and fellow Virginians. In her own words: “I am not a career politician. I am running to give my children a better future.”

Originally from Mexico, Jose grew up in North Texas before moving to Dallas where he works as a behavioral therapist for a nonprofit. Jose has a strong passion for politics, world events, and writing.


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