Dan Canon – Civil Rights Attorney for IN-09

The candidate pool for the 2018 midterms is full of aspiring politicians promising to take on the Trump disaster. However, only one can make the claim that they’ve taken Trump to court – his name is Dan Canon, and he’s running to represent Indiana’s 9th District in the United States House of Representatives. Dan, who at one time promised himself never to run for public office, was raised by a single mom in Clark and Floyd Counties in Indiana. He dropped out of high school at age 17 but strived to get his GED. After doing so, Dan found work teaching music while putting himself through college. He was the first in his family to graduate from a university, and though he never met an attorney, he decided to start law school. Dan beat all the odds and graduated with honors in 2007.

The Civil Lawyer, Father, and Concerned Citizen

After law school, Dan began a career as a civil rights attorney. Dan is credited with playing a significant role in the Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision, which gave way to marriage equality. He represented multiple same-gender couples in Kentucky that were fighting to have their marriages recognized. The case, known as Bourke v. Beshear, was eventually combined with several other same-gender marriage cases and brought before the Supreme Court. In June of 2015, Dan, his colleagues, and the couples they represented celebrated with the rest of the nation as marriage equality became the law of the land.

Dan has also served Americans from every walk of life, including teachers, immigrants, refugees, and union laborers. He’s stood up to violent prison systems, corporations, and even governors. Dan has made it his life’s work to ensure that hardworking people stop being taken advantage of by the powerful, including-then candidate Donald Trump. Dan brought a lawsuit against Trump for inciting violence against protesters while speaking at one of his rallies. The lawsuit is currently pending in the U.S. Appeals Court. His professional experiences have led him to understand that America’s strength does not lay with the government, corporations, or the wealthy, but with the people.

Dan raised his son in the public schools of Indiana and has two daughters that are about to begin school in the state. He has experience in being part of the “working poor,” living on low wages and barely making ends meet. Dan affirms that through “effort, dumb luck, and help from good people,” he made it into America’s vanishing middle class. He says that the experiences he has acquired through the many hills and valleys of his life have taught him empathy. He has learned to listen and to not rush to judgment. Dan’s knowledge and experience have inspired him to throw his hat in the ring as a Democrat for the Indiana’s 9th District.

Indiana’s 9th District

Indiana’s 9th lies in south-central Indiana and includes up to 13 counties. It’s composed of predominately white working-class families and holds a population of just over 725,00. The district has had Republican representation since 2010, with the incumbent being Troy Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth is known to vote in line with President Trump 93% of the time. He voted for the AHCA, the disastrous Republican healthcare bill that they attempted to ram through the legislature. Hollingsworth has voted to repeal or delay various regulations imposed to combat climate change, corporate corruption, and has voted against human rights legislation since the beginning of his tenure. One thing is clear: Hollingsworth does not represent the interests of Indiana’s 9th district.

Dan is currently running against three other Democratic challengers and one Independent. The district primary is scheduled for May of 2018.

Policies and Principles

Dan believes that all Americans need an active progressive agenda for the future. He wants you to know that Indiana will have a voice in Washington when he is elected. He holds that health care is a right for all and that the middle class can and will bounce back. Dan understands that there should be no “working poor,” justice and truth matters, and those in power need to be held accountable. Here are some of his policies and principles that he will bring into office in 2018.

  • Healthcare: Dan knows that healthcare is a right for all individuals and not a privilege for those who can afford it. His healthcare policy would expand Medicare and eventually phase in a single-payer system over time. Dan would work for nationwide paid parental, family, and sick leave by expanding the federal Family Medical Leave Act.
  • A Woman’s Right to Choose: Dan plans to fight for women and their right to make their own reproductive health decisions. His policy consists of repealing the Hyde Amendment while presenting policies proven to lower demand for abortion. He is committed to providing women with a choice for safe, legal, and accessible abortion. Dan will also work to fully subsidized coverage of contraceptions as well as quality natal care. He is committed to reproductive freedom for everyone.
  • Immigration: Dan believes in comprehensive immigration reform. He knows the importance of keeping private, for-profit corporation control out of the immigration detention system. Dan believes in a path to citizenship for qualified undocumented immigrants and 100% transparency in the system.
  • Education: Dan’s education policies include providing a subsidized public higher education program nationwide. The program would begin in community and technical schools before gradually expanding to all public universities. Dan will also push for legislative support and strengthening of public schools. He believes in protecting the Department of Education, increasing Title 1 funding, and in partnering with educators to ensure that resources are allocated to end segregation of schools by income and race.
  • Climate Change: Dan will work to establish an independent, nonpolitical agency tasked with addressing the urgent global climate change issue. Dan also plans to strengthen the EPA, including increasing enforcement powers to address with Flint-type crises’.
  • Social Issues: Dan will work for an immediate and substantial increase in the minimum wage. His plan includes creating an independent commission to determine and recommend appropriate minimum living wages by region. Dan also believes in equality for all peoples. Thus, he will work to create an Equal Pay Act to reduce pay gaps between races, genders, and other classes. Dan will fight to create legislation that bans discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, or identity across all public areas.
  • Government: Dan also believes that change is in need within our countries political system. He’ll strive to create legislation aiming at ending gerrymandering and establishing independent committees to redraw congressional and other districts. He also believes in the need for campaign finance reform including overturning Citizens United and creating a nationwide automatic voter registration system.

The 2018 political arena is sure to be filled with candidates that promise to stand up for the everyday American. We’ll be certain to hear messages of endurance and plight from various candidates in an attempt to appear relatable to the average person, but Dan’s approach is much more concrete. He is transparent with his flaws, struggles, and battles, and has been from the start of his campaign. He makes it clear that he will run a campaign based on the issues, not the amount of money raised, his opponent, or himself. Most importantly, Dan wants to be a voice for everyone, not just a select few.

A full detailed list of policies and principles is found on Dan’s campaign page.

Originally from Mexico, Jose grew up in North Texas before moving to Dallas where he works as a behavioral therapist for a nonprofit. Jose has a strong passion for politics, world events, and writing.


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