Dan Canon, (D) Civil Rights Attorney for IN-09

Ever heard of Trey Hollingsworth? Unless you’re a voter in Indiana’s 9th congressional district, you probably haven’t. And it’s no wonder why. Hollingworth, who was elected in 2016 after winning the Republican nomination with 34% of the vote, is utterly unremarkable. He’s a millionaire carpetbagger who votes in line with Donald Trump over 90% of the time. He’s the very definition of a partisan hack, and one that shouldn’t be representing anyone in Indiana given that he moved to Indiana just a month before launching his candidacy.

Fortunately for Indiana’s 9th, there’s Dan Canon.

Canon is a civil rights attorney challenging Hollingsworth as an unabashedly progressive Democrat. Unlike many Democratic candidates in red districts, Canon does not compromise his values and is unafraid to speak truth to power, even if it’s not popular.

He also served as lead counsel for four married gay couples in the Supreme Court case that made marriage equality law of the land. So yeah, he’s a pretty interesting guy.

Jordan Valerie spoke with Dan Canon on the podcast about his candidacy, America’s racist criminal justice system, and some of his more controversial opinions.

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Jordan Valerie is a cinephile, filmmaker, journalist, political activist, and proud queer woman of color currently serving as Politics Editor of Millennial Politics and Host of the Millennial Politics Podcast.

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