Dream Corps: Solutions, Servant-Leadership, & Soul


The Dream Corps was formed in 2009 out of Oakland, California and is responsible for three popular initiatives: #YesWeCode#cut50, and #GreenForAll as well as the post-election #Love Army. CNN Contributor and “Messy Truth” host Van Jones is the President and Co-Founder and while being a liberal voice of comfort for aimless Americans, the company’s initiatives are largely bi-partisan.

If you’re not familiar with Van Jones, he’s one to know. Like Michael Moore, he predicted a Trump win, and has eye-opening logic such as mass incarceration that influenced election results.

The core values of Dream Corps are solutions, servant leadership, and soul. #Cut50 aims to transform the criminal justice system using practical solutions to cut prison populations by 50 percent over the next 10 years. #YesWeCode works to diversify the tech sector by supporting over 100,000 young women and men in technical training. #GreenforAll sources money into low-income communities to elevate the opportunities for safe Eco systems for all.

Van Jones announced the formation of the #LoveArmy early December 2016 as an alternative to the out pouring of hate motivated crime and decision making. Through teach-ins and revivals, the #lovearmy gathers volunteers and donations to spread the message that love + power fights hate.

Go to Dream Corps‘s website to check out all their initiatives and join the #LoveArmy if you’re ready to pledge to stand with the most vulnerable, listen with empathy and expect to learn, and act our of love, not fear or hate.

Caralie Chrisco


Caralie is a talent manager, entrepreneur, part time playwright, and newbie politico currently residing in Brooklyn with her husband and pup.


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