Higher Ground Labs: Bringing Democrats Back to the Future

The 2016 presidential election is well-known for launching various movements such as The Resistance and the Women’s March. Less talked about is how the election’s devastating outcome served as a catalyst for the creation of organizations and political entities intended to prevent a repeat of the disastrous November 8 results. One of these groups is Higher Ground Labs.

Three Obama operatives founded Higher Ground Labs; Betsy Hoover, who served as director of digital organizing on the 2012 Barack Obama campaign, Andrew McLaughlin, who served as deputy chief technology officer for the Obama administration, and Shomik Dutta, who worked for both of Obama’s presidential campaigns. All three have experience in the technology sector and share the same drive to better equip future Democratic candidates from down-ballet races all the way up to the presidential level. Higher Ground Labs’ objective is to develop an experienced advisory board that mentors startups and talented individuals who produce technologies, tools, analytics, and data that can help Democrats win races on any level.

With the Republican Party funded and advised by absurdly wealthy entities such as the Koch brothers and Mercer family, Higher Ground Labs hopes to reacquire the technological edge that the Democratic Party held during the Obama campaigns but appears to have lost this past election cycle.

The organization plans to use the time between election cycles to help startups build technology and media that will support campaigns by helping them understand their community, reach and persuade voters, empower volunteers, and assist with the campaigning process.

Higher Ground Labs knows that elections are not won by technology alone. However, their hope is that by supporting for-profit tech startups and individuals, they can help with the technological disadvantage that damages progressive campaigns, allowing Democrats to regain a competitive edge.

You can read more about Higher Ground Labs here.

Originally from Mexico, Jose grew up in North Texas before moving to Dallas where he works as a behavioral therapist for a nonprofit. Jose has a strong passion for politics, world events, and writing.


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