Exclusive Interview: Renee Hoagenson – (D) Candidate for MO-04

Renee Hoagenson has lived in the state of Missouri for the entirety of her life. Born in St. Louis, Renee resided in a number of towns throughout the state before returning to the St. Louis metro area shortly before attending high school. After graduating from Francis Howell High School in Weldon Springs, Renee moved to Columbia to study at the University of Missouri. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and still resides in the mid-Missouri City.

In her professional life, Renee has specialized in marketing and development strategies geared towards small businesses. She has founded three magazines in the last 14 years: Columbia Marketplace Magazine (2003), Jefferson City Marketplace Magazine (2004) and Showcase Sedalia (2011).

I spoke with Renee to gain a better understanding of her decision to challenge incumbent GOP Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, who has represented Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District since 2011.

What motivated you to take on the GOP and run for this seat?

Our government has moved further away from democracy. We have elected officials who consistently vote against the wellbeing of citizens while simultaneously benefiting financially and enriching a select few. It’s time we took the government back to its foundation – “for the people and by the people.”

I believe in service above self. We must have elected officials who will put the considerations of Americans ahead of the profits of a few.

How will your past professional experience translate to public service?

As a small business owner, I’m accustomed to solving problems, achieving goals, and moving forward, all while keeping an eye on fiscal efficiency. In government, we need to consider the wellbeing of all in this very diverse country. As a small business owner coming into public service, I will accomplish goals that benefit this country and move us all forward.

With the recent events in Charlottesville and the, let’s just say interesting response from the White House, what steps are needed to heal the nation in this time of need?

As a child, I thought it was odd that the South lost the Civil War yet continues to display reminders of a time of subjugation of many of our citizens. In order to create an environment in which we can truly heal, we must show our fellow citizens unfailing respect. That includes relegating these symbols to museums of history. We can honor our Southern heritage without creating division.

Healthcare is a hot-button issue in this country right now. Do you support a Medicare for All system?

Medicare for All saves businesses, families, and the government money. Furthermore, consider that we agree as a country that every child should be educated in the public school system. Isn’t healthcare an even more basic need than education? It is only logical that we would have basic healthcare available to all Americans.


According to her website, Renee values the importance of quality public education for all of our youth. She does not support stripping funding away from public schools for use in Private and Charter Schools. Renee knows this practice harms the 95% of U.S. Students who are educated in public schools. This issue is extremely important in areas like Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District, where rural public schools are often the only option for students.

Vicky Hartzler’s vision for Missouri and America is outdated, to say the least. She has refused to support any regulations in regards to Climate Change and has consistently taken stances against the LGBTQIA community.

Hartzler has supported nearly all of President Trump’s divisive decisions and, like the majority of her House GOP colleagues, has refused to call him out in the wake of his dreadful response to Charlottesville. She even supported his backward thinking Twitter proposal to ban transgender individuals serving in the military.

Renee presents a fresh, optimistic choice for the residents of Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District. She understands that diversity is what makes America so great. More than anything, Renee Hoagenson represents a brighter future for Missouri and the country as a whole.

Learn more about Renee and her vision for the future:

Twitter: @ReneeHoagenson

Facebook: Renee Hoagenson For Congress

Website: Renee Hoagenson


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