Jacky Rosen – (D) Nevada Candidate for U.S. Senate

Tucked away in the lower right corner of the state of Nevada is congressional district three, represented by Congresswoman Jacky Rosen. Rep. Rosen, a Democrat, ran against incumbent Republican Joe Heck in the 2016 election and won. Rosen’s election is impressive both as the first Democratic victory in the district since 2008 and a rare Democratic win in a district that went to Donald Trump.

Rep. Rosen has been a member of her southern Nevada community for over 35 years. Before running for office, she worked as a computer programmer and software developer. Passionate about renewable energy, she committed countless hours to creating one of the biggest solar panel arrays in her community. The array, which was created to serve the area’s largest synagogue, saved over 70% in electric expenses, which were in turn invested into local programs such as senior tax services and meals and housing to the homeless in her community.

Since her victory, Rep. Rosen has served on the House Armed Services Committee; Science, Space, and Technology Committee; and the Land Forces and Tactical Air Subcommittee. She’s also a member of various caucuses, including the Democratic Women’s Working Group and the Problem Solvers Caucus.

Following the start of the current 115th congressional session, Rep. Rosen has voted along party lines 91% of the time. She has sponsored three bills since taking office – the Restoring American Privacy Act, the Defense of Israel Act, and a bill that provides grants in order to motivate young girls to get involved in STEM activities.

Rep. Rosen has voted against Trump an average of 76% of the time, opposing every single iteration of TrumpCare as well as the countless GOP attempts to repeal Obama-era rules and regulations implemented to hold governmental agencies, corporations, schools, and other entities accountable.

Without a doubt, Rep. Rosen has made a productive political debut in her first few months in office. But she does not plan to stop with the House of Representatives.

She has announced that she will be running to unseat incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller in the 2018 mid-term elections. Senator Heller was elected to his Senate seat in 2012 by a tiny margin of 12,000 votes. With a tough Senate map in 2018, this is the only Republican-held seat the Democratic Party intends to target.

Rep. Rosen understands that the issues troubling Nevadians are not the issues that President Trump and the GOP care to invest time in or resolve. She’s also aware that Senator Heller’s track record is almost 100% in step with Donald Trump. Heller was even the deciding vote to confirm Trump’s unqualified Education Secretary pick, Betsy DeVos.

It is for of these reasons and her love for her community that Jacky Rosen wants to represent the state of Nevada in the United States Senate.

You can find more information about Jacky Rosen’s campaign here.

Originally from Mexico, Jose grew up in North Texas before moving to Dallas where he works as a behavioral therapist for a nonprofit. Jose has a strong passion for politics, world events, and writing.


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