Joe Schiavoni Could Become America’s Youngest Governor

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When Ohio Governor John Kasich leaves office next year, he will be 66 years old. The average age of an American governor at their first inauguration is 56, despite the fact that millennials are now the country’s largest voting group. Young Americans are sorely underrepresented in government.

But that could all change in 2018, with a historic number of young candidates running for office.

One of them is Joe Schiavoni, Ohio’s youngest state senator. Joe, who is 38, is currently running for governor as a Democrat. His opponents in the primary range from 57 to 71 – 70-year-old Bill O’Neill, 71-year-old Dennis Kucinich, 58-year-old Richard Cordray, and 57-year-old Connie Pillich. If elected, Joe would be Ohio’s youngest governor in 150 years. If no younger candidate wins a gubernatorial election, he would also become the United States’ youngest governor, with the youngest incumbent at the moment being Republican Chris Sununu of New Hampshire who is 43.

Joe joined us on the podcast to discuss his job-focused campaign, the opioid epidemic, and why it’s important to significantly lower the average age of American governors.


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