Lucia McBath – One of the Mothers of The Movement and Candidate for GA State House – District 37

“Lucy” McBath is the National Spokesperson for both Moms Demand Action and Everytown For Gun Safety. Lucy is a Candidate for Georgia State House in the 37th District and she’s fighting for justice and equality for all. In November 2012, Lucy’s son Jordan was fatally shot by a man named Michael Dunn at a gas station in Jacksonville Florida. Dunn expressed he was opposed to the “loud rap music” the young men were playing and shot into the car 10 times. Jordan was just 17 years old.

Lucy says that Jordan’s death gave her a new sense of purpose in her life. “Before, I was his mother and that’s what I concentrated on.  I was building skills in my career and taking care of my child. Once Jordan was murdered, I began to recognize that my family having a civil rights background and everything I had been learning to do was actually preparing me for the advocacy work that I do now. Everything I had suffered through in my life has really been in preparation to help simulate a movement for social justice and civil rights.” She believes becoming a candidate and running for office was the most natural progression from her family’s civil rights activism.

Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis, speaks out against proposed Stand Your Ground changes.

Lucy believes that the road to taking the power away from the NRA starts with exposing the truth to those who may not know how we got here by breaking down and destroying the rhetoric. It’s on record that the Trump campaign accepted 50 million dollars from the NRA in the 2016 election. Donald Trump is the first sitting president since President Reagan to address NRA leadership and publicly court them. “They’re pushing extremist agendas on the legislature and the elected officials have to pass it in order to maintain their seats. They’re putting profit over public safety and the gun manufactures are benefiting off of it.” McBath explained. She believes its crucial that we internally get into the legislatures and get the right people elected at the state and local levels in order to start disposing of the fear mongering and untruths told by the NRA.

Lucy says that the catalyst for her to run for office in Georgia was the new Concealed Campus Carry law that is putting students at risk and pushing professors to leave teaching due to safety concerns. Currently, in the state of Georgia if you’re over 21 with a firearm license you can legally carry a firearm on any public university. “It’s not about taking your guns away. If you’re law abiding citizen, you don’t need to worry. Those with severe mental instabilities and domestic abusers should not have access to firearms. It’s a matter of public safety. We have to make sure people are able to live the way the constitution says they should be able to live. We must work to preserve their civil and human rights.”

Jordan Davis (1995-2012)

Lucy McBath is also a two-time breast cancer survivor and knows she wouldn’t be here without good healthcare. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a nurse so she comes from a medical background. Currently there are six hundred thousand people in the state of Georgia without health insurance. Lucy believes that we must expand Medicaid because everyone should be afforded the ability to live healthy fulfilling lives with their families. Expanding Medicaid would allow those with insurance to visit their doctor rather than making a trip to the emergency room, which in turn will make it easier on our hospitals and keep people healthy. Preventive care keeps you living and drives down cost.

Lucy has made it her priority to keep her son Jordan’s legacy alive within their community and that state in which he was murdered. She created “Champion in the Making Legacy Foundation” which provides charitable and educational assistance to graduating high school students attending traditional as well as technical and training colleges and universities. They’ve recently expanded by adding a mentorship program with an IT incubator program running in the summer. For two weeks the kids will learn web building and design to put on resume and necessary IT skills. They’ve also begun teaming up with the organization 100 Black Men. All of the serving board members played a part in Jordan’s life. She said that this idea came about by discussions she had with Jordan in the past. “When I prayed about what Jordan’s legacy would be and what he was concerned about while he was living, I realized that helping to financially support these kids would be exactly what he wanted me to do.”

Lucy is inspired by those who are fighting to preserve our democracy and civil justice for all. “We’re spending a lot of time and effort externally building these movements out and people are waking up to the problems that are being fueled by this administration.” She believes that running for office along with the current activism we’re seeing is exactly what is needed to speed things up and pass legislation that will protect the public. When elected, she will provide an environment where companies feel good about investing and bringing good jobs, she plans to improve the public transportation options in Georgia, and also level the playing field so that everyone receives equal pay for equal work. Lucy is ready to put Georgia families first.

Diandra is a commentator for Millennial Politics who hopes to inspire other women to use their voice. You can find her on Twitter @Diandra_loux


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