Protecting Reproductive Rights In The Trump Era

Just three days into his illegitimate presidency, Donald Trump reinstated Ronald Reagan’s anti-choice global gag rule, which bans funding for NGOs that “inform the public or educate their government on the need to make safe abortion available, provide legal abortion services, or provide advice on where to get an abortion.” This marked the beginning of the Trump administration’s assault on reproductive rights, which has only gotten crueler and more formidable.

Recently, the administration went so far as to attempt to prevent an undocumented teenager impregnated by her rapist from getting an abortion. While this particular attack on reproductive freedom was prevented by a federal judge, the battle is much harder when it comes to executive decisions. Trump, with the approval of Senate Republicans, has spent the year successfully packing the courts with anti-choice extremists, most of whom have been criticized as unqualified even by experts on the right. And we’re not even a full year in yet.

Kaylie Hanson Long, National Communications Director for NARAL Pro-Choice America, joined us on the podcast to discuss the fight for reproductive freedom in the Trump era.

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