The logo for Next Dems, an organization that is creating a library for future politicians and campaign officials.

Next Dems: A Library For Future Campaigns

If you’ve got questions about running for office on the Democratic ticket, Next Dems is the organization to provide you with the answers you need. This startup is determined to inform the next generation of Democrats about the basics of running for office.

Who Are Next Dems?

Next Dems is composed of a group of Democratic Party campaign veterans concerned about the party’s current methods of recruitment and campaigning. They are passionate about encouraging more people to run for office by making the process more accessible to those outside of the party establishment.

The Purpose Of Next Dems:

Next Dems wants to equip ordinary people with the tools and strategies needed to win elections. One of the main ways it does this is a feature that allows campaign coordinators and volunteers to submit strategies and tools that they used to win. If successful, this stands to empower Democrats throughout the country by granting them a real chance to have Democrats who can win elections on the ballot – especially the local levels, where ordinary people are most impacted by each passed piece of legislation.

Their principal objective is to get more and more information from campaign officials and staffers out there for the public, creating a live library for future politicians as well as people who want to get involved in the Democratic Party and in politics in general.

How Do Potential Candidates Make It To The Ballot?

Next Dems aims to educate future politicians about the process of getting onto the ballot. Next Dems does this in detail through posts on their Medium account, covering subjects such as talking about the necessity of filing requirements and campaign deadlines.

Next Dems Seeks To Help Future Politicians

We at Millennial Politics love Next Dems’ proactive response to the current political situation. Hopefully, Next Dems could even inspire you to run for office yourself!

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