NextGen America: I Believe in Science

‘’I don’t believe in science, I believe in signs” is one of the lines from one of my favorite Chance the Rapper songs. While I am a fan of Chance from 79th, this is one lyric I can do without. I believe in science, and I know climate change is real. We have to do the work now to protect our climate for a healthier more prosperous future. Thankfully there are many others who believe and are doing climate justice work to protect our planet and advocate for clean energy policies. One organization doing the work is NextGen America, formally known as NextGen Climate.

Since its founding as NextGen Climate in 2013, the organization has worked to fight climate change by advancing an agenda around the transition to a clean energy economy based on equality, inclusion, and a shared and sustainable prosperity. For NextGen Climate, climate justice work cannot be done in a silo, and the organization changed its name to NextGen America, and began to step up its fight for immigrant rights, affordable health care, prosperity, and equality for all. NextGen America has hit the pavement and to date registered more than 1 million people to vote, they’ve helped to halt the Keystone XL pipeline, and they continue to support candidates who support climate action.

NextGen America is fighting for a fair future and is committed to a broader plan of resistance. Since it’s founding NextGen America has believed in “impact through action”, and knows the power of the people is what causes lasting change. NextGen America ran one of the largest independent young voter programs in modern American elections. Doing voter mobilization work in 14 states, NextGen America organized on 340 campuses, registered 1,018,063 voters, and got 380,187 commitments cards to vote for climate champions. NextGen America is committed to engaging the next generation of voters, getting them to the polls, and ensuring they are casting their ballots for progressive candidates.

If you like me believe in science and know climate change is real and understand that climate justice cannot happen without protecting the fundamental rights of every American, head over to and sign up to take action today.


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