The Opposition: Your Home For All Things Anti-Trump

With so much of the current media landscape dominated by link sharing via social media, no one can rely on any one traditional media outlet for information on an issue as broad as the multi-faceted Trump Resistance. Consider the multiple threads of Trump’s threat to democracy: his ties to Russia, his multiple military actions in the Middle East, postured aggression with North Korea, and dismantling of civil rights protections for minorities. We each only have so many hours in our day to keep up with the current state of the Union, and while we can try to curate our own perfect social media feeds through strategic follows, there’s always the risk that we’re missing one particular perspective or story that deserves to be heard.

Enter, The Opposition.

Currently a Facebook and Twitter-based content distribution platform, the Opposition brands itself as the liberal answer to the Drudge Report, a right wing news aggregate known for peddling poorly sourced conspiracy theories. The Opposition is different in that it maintains an understanding of the facts while spreading information that its base needs to know, acting as a megaphone for the public interest in addition to keeping track of the many scandals and missteps of the Trump Administration.

Using social media platforms instead of an actual website like the Drudge Report, the Opposition sees itself as the social media home for everyone who opposes Donald Trump. With dedicated staffers, they will be able to post, retweet, and share content with followers seeking to keep up with Trump’s latest threats to democracy as well as current social equity movements.

During a presidency such as Donald Trump’s, most people simply don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the pace of lies, scandal, and fear mongering peddled by the government. Organizations like the Opposition will help expose the myths, debunk his lies, and counter his dangerous narrative, a one stop for all things anti-Trump and pro-progress.

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