Our Voice: Uniting Americans Under One Initiative

Our founding fathers wanted to build a democracy that handed the power to the people, but it seems that much of that power has been usurped by power-hungry bureaucrats. Our Voice, founded by Samuel Ronan, is changing the way voices are heard through an initiative to bring the democracy back to the people and away from the selfish bureaucrats.

This initiative, however, is not another political party. In fact, Our Voice brings citizens of all political affiliations together by providing common strategies, policies, and resources to new candidates who are truly dedicated to representing the people. According to Our Voice, there are only three options going forward: (1) Quit, and stop caring or trying, (2) Continue on, divided and ignored, or (3) Unify and take back your place at the table in government.

Our Voice is choosing the third option.


To succeed in uniting voices and holding candidates accountable, Our Voice details their strategies regarding unification and ethics, as well as their ultimate vision for the future. Adopting a nonpartisan view, they welcome individuals and organizations from all party-affiliated groups as well as those that choose no party at all. Additionally, they are dedicating resources to providing important information about candidates running for office across the country – giving power to truth.

Vetting candidates, however, is not the only important aspect of a unified democracy. It is also necessary to provide accurate information regarding propositions, laws, and regulations both at state and federal levels. After all, “knowledge is true power.”

Alongside these resources, Our Voice also provides information about protests, rallies, town halls, and marches through their downloadable app.

In addition to their unification and ethics strategy, Our Voice has implemented five platform principles to unite under – though their individual politics may extend beyond these. First, there is campaign finance reform. The current system is complicated and corrupt. Citizens’ voices should not be bought out by corporate influence; Our Voice will monitor the amount of money that can be transferred to candidates through both direct and indirect contribution.

The second platform principle is lobby restriction. Far too often, corporate interests “purchase and fund legislation to further their profits”, which takes the voices away from constituents by reaching into the pockets of politicians. Because of this, Our Voice is suggesting legislation that prohibits this corporate reach and makes all financial exchanges and personal favors with politicians completely available and transparent to the public.

The third platform principle is dedicated to abolishing limitations that have been established to suppress voters. The purpose of a representative democracy is for the people to both participate and have fair access to voting. However, our country has dedicated far too much time and resources to suppressing the votes of historically marginalized and disenfranchised groups.

The fourth platform principle discusses network neutrality and the right to free access to the Internet. With the GOP’s repeal of net neutrality, Internet service providers will have the ability to throttle websites for not paying them more for faster-loading pages. Essentially, the government wants to create a classist society within the Internet, where the large and popular Internet sites can afford to pay more for faster loading while smaller start-up sites cannot. Our Voice will do everything to stop the disruption of net neutrality.

Lastly, Our Voice wants to end gerrymandering. By allowing politicians to redraw district lines, we are also allowing political interference at the expense of citizens. Our Voice suggests that a citizen run commission is the only way to ensure a fair drawing of districts–most politicians cannot be trusted to redraw fairly.

Our Voice’s initiative is detailed, well-thought out, and extensive–please go through and read their website in full. Additionally, there are opportunities to volunteer/intern to help keep this organization running and to hold our elected officials accountable.

“Our Voice can not be outbid. Our Voice can not be purchased. Our Voice can not be silenced. Our Voice can not be censored. Our Voice can not be manipulated.”

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  1. What is your stand on increasing the millitary spending – and more drone strikes quadrupled in this administration

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