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Ross Morales Rocketto: Co-Founder, Run For Something

First up, Jordan and Nathan review the news of the week and introduce a new segment, “Around The World”. Then, Nathan is joined by political operative, activist, and the Co-Founder of RunForSomething.Net Ross Morales Rocketto (@RossMoRock). Listen below!

Jose Avila: DACA, Dreamers, & The Future

In this powerful episode, Jose Avila, an MP Contributor, DREAMer and DACA recipient joins Jordan, Dylan, and Nathan on the podcast.

Jose shares what it means to be a DREAMer, his personal background, and what Trump’s decision on the DACA program means for him and his future. Listen below or find us in iTunes or the Google Play store.

Mike Tolkin: Smart Cities, Smarter Government

Nathan speaks with Mike Tolkin, a serial entrepreneur and tech investor turned NYC (D) Candidate for Mayor. They explore his personal background, campaign platform, and his experience running a campaign as an outsider with a technology and innovation mindset.