Rantt Media: Independent Journalism In The Trump Era

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Journalism in the Trump era is under attack. Full-stop. Never before has there been a President that is so loose with the truth, and so vicious in his attacks on the First Amendment. The slander of calling unfavorable journalistic outlets “Fake News” has permeated across the globe with Rodrigo Duterte dismissing allegations of human rights violations, and the leader of Burma denying the on-going Rohingya Genocide. The whole world watches Donald Trump and the authoritarians take note of how he abuses his power.

In this troubling landscape, a new outlet has emerged. Rantt Media, independent and free from pre-2016 baggage, has grown to become a trusted voice with insightful content in the Trump Era. With over 50,000 followers on Twitter, they frequently issue rapid-response clap-backs in addition to their well-researched columns like “Unpresidented“, and their piece where they surveyed over 1,500 Hillary Clinton supporters.

The Rantt Media Team

Dylan and Nathan had the opportunity to speak with Ahmed Baba, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Rantt Media, about the latest in the Trump Russia scandal, his work at Rantt, the troubling implications of the latest aggressions by ICE, and the GOP’s refusal to act as a co-equal branch in Congress.

Ahmbed Baba, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Rantt Media

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Nathan is the founder of Millennial Politics and a concerned citizen who hopes to inspire others to get involved in our democracy. He is on the Executive Committee of the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, and you can find him on Twitter @NathanHRubin.


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