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Sean Spicer’s Joke of a Harvard Fellowship

After Sean Spicer awkwardly grumbled his last lie from the White House Press Secretary podium, he made the rounds on the late night television shows, made a guest appearance at the Emmy’s, and then was offered a Harvard Visitors’ Fellowship to appear on campus and speak to select students and faculty. Generally, Harvard Fellowship’s are to be revered and taken seriously. But it appears something has gone terrible wrong this time.

Sean Spicer and Corey Lewandowski have been offered Harvard Fellowships for this semester, and the students are finding out first-hand that Spicer really has nothing to offer.

Some choice quotes that have come out are that Spicer is “incredibly inarticulate” and repeats the “same stories and lies” as he did as Press Secretary. These quotes come from Ashley Feinberg’s piece in HuffPo about his fellowship. It’s safe to say that students aren’t learning from him, and he’s not adding value or credibility to the university.

What’s worse is that Daniel Drabik writes in the Harvard Crimson, “every conversation was off the record” resulting in an entirely “secret” Harvard Fellowship. What’s the point of having publicly invited a former administration official if you are constantly keeping him behind closed doors? Spicer handled questions from top reporters covering the White House, but he can’t handle legitimate questions from students.

Keep in mind Chelsea Manning’s Harvard Fellowship was rescinded, but Sean Spicer and Corey Lewandoski were permitted to stay.

None of this is a good look for Harvard.

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