Swing Left’s New Tools – District Resources

As 2018 begins to loom even closer, midterm mania is already taking hold. Soon we will all be inundated with volunteer opportunities, event invitations, fundraising requests, and more. Don’t get me wrong; getting involved with politics is exciting and all these things, while sometimes exhausting, are important. However, for those of us who are new to the campaign world, or to the political world in general, it can all seem very overwhelming.

Everything from learning names and issues to mastering your door knocking spiel. It can seem like too much.

This is where Swing Left comes in.

Some of you have probably heard of Swing Left – our own Caralie wrote a great article on it back in February – but they have added a new tool to their political toolkit: District Resources. If you want to get involved with a swing district, whether your own or as an outside volunteer, this is the place to start.

Simply go on Swing Left’s website, select your desired district, and click on ‘District Resources’ at the bottom of the page.

There are four key components that make up this section: District Primer, Calendar, Map of Recommended Neighborhoods, and District Research. While the calendar and map will be invaluable during the midterms, the two sections I want to focus on are the District Primer and the District Research.

Both the District Primer and the District Research work together to offer information about the district you’ve selected and the politician currently in power. Want to know what the breakdown was for the last election? Or maybe you’re wondering which issues the incumbent is weakest on. You’ll find those answers and demographic outlines all within the two pages of the district primer. While some of the District Research pages are still under construction, they are a more in-depth version of the Primer. The Primer is a quick overview of facts, the Research provides longer and more detailed analysis of a wide range of questions and issues.

Politics can be a confusing and overwhelming place, even for people who have worked on campaigns before. However, Swing Left’s resources are to help you feel prepared to attend that next meeting or knock on that next door. The first step towards winning in 2018 is to educate and energize ourselves as political change agents. What are you waiting for – let’s go swing some districts blue!

Dylan Kristine is a runner, frequent-flyer, and amateur historian transplanted from New England. When she is living her best life, her t-shirts are snarky, her coffee is endless, and she is talking about her favorite president, John Adams.


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