Alexandra Chandler: Senior Naval Intelligence Analyst for Congress

Alexandra Chandler is running for Congress in Massachusetts’ 3rd congressional district. Her career in the Intelligence Community started on September 11th when her now wife was on the subway in lower Manhattan as the towers fell. She is running to bring long-term thinking and action to Washington.


North Carolina’s Gerrymander Ruled Unconstitutional: Checks & Balances In Action

For those that aren’t familiar, gerrymandering is the process by which Congressional Districts are “drawn” to favor one party. In about three-quarters of states, districts are carved up from scratch by state legislatures, approved by a majority, then made official…

Brianna Westbrook Could Be The First Openly Trans Congresswoman

This week I caught up with Brianna Westbrook, Democratic Congressional Candidate for Arizona’s District 8. You may be familiar with her now-former opponent, Trent Franks, who just recently resigned after it was revealed that he harassed multiple female employees, even…