Can Tamara Harris turn NJ-11 blue for the first time since 1982?

A blue wave is coming. Despite extreme gerrymandering by the GOP, Democrats are set to take back the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms. One of the reasons this year is so different from any other is the unprecedented number of Democratic challengers to Republican incumbents. Only 17 of the 435 seats in the House lack Democratic candidates, an absolutely unforeseen number, even in previous wave years like 2010, in which Republicans took back the House despite Democratic waves in both 2006 and 2008.

New Jersey’s 11th congressional district isn’t your normal Democratic target. A Democrat hasn’t won election to the seat since 1982, and incumbent Republican¬†Rodney Frelinghuysen has held the seat for over two decades. Yet Donald Trump only won the district by a single point, making it a target of the DCCC.

One candidate running to unseat Rep. Frelinghuysen is Tamara Harris, a family advocate, mother, and businesswoman who has never run for elected office before.

Tamara joined us on the podcast to discuss gun control, social justice, how to legislate toxic masculinity, and more. Listen here:

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Jordan Valerie is a cinephile, filmmaker, journalist, political activist, and proud queer woman of color currently serving as Editor-in-Chief of Millennial Politics. Jordan Valerie also hosts the Millennial Politics Podcast, where she speaks to progressive candidates and leaders about the issues that matter to millennials. You can find her on Twitter and Medium @jordanvalallen and pay her at PayPal.Me/jordanvalallen.

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