3 Texas Democratic Candidates to Watch

Opposition to the Trump agenda has inspired a wide range of people to step up and run for Congress. With less than two months until the House primaries in Texas, candidates and campaigns are gearing up and working to get out the vote in March.

One of the standout candidates in Texas’ 3rd District is lawyer and advocate Lorie Burch. Republican Sam Johnson has held the seat since 1991, but his retirement and the changing demographics of the Dallas suburbs could make this a competitive race. She owns a law firm within the district and specializes in will and trusts, while also volunteering her time for different civic organizations. Her campaign priorities are a wide-ranging group of progressive platforms, but she believes that common values and working together will matter much more than party in this election. If none of this has convinced you, then the campaign photo of her impersonating Elvis will. Burch is a huge Elvis fan and married her wife Kim at Graceland last year. If elected, she would be the first LGBTQ member of Texas’ congressional delegation.

With the imminent retirement of Lamar Smith, noted climate change denier who chairs the House Science Committee, Derrick Crowe is ready to step up and change the political landscape of Texas’ 21st district, which includes parts of the San Antonio and Austin suburbs. He has been billed as the ‘science nerd’ challenging ‘Congress’ most detested science denier’. Crowe has worked for a range of organizations, including both leading Democratic lawmakers, and government watchdogs. Aside from climate change, Crowe is running on de-rigging the economy and protecting rights for our most vulnerable communities.

While not facing a primary challenger, Democrat Vanessa Adia’s bid for the 12th district is also one to watch. She is challenging incumbent Kay Granger in a district that has a much more competitive history than you might expect and includes part of the greater Fort Worth area. While Granger has been in office for roughly two decades, she was preceded by a string of Democratic representatives. Vanessa Adia is a mother, Christian, and teacher who is running because she sees a deficiency of inclusion and generosity in politics these days. Her slogan is ‘Ready to listen – ready to act’.

Keep an eye out for developments in the coming months from these exciting candidates!

Dylan Kristine is a runner, frequent-flyer, and amateur historian transplanted from New England. When she is living her best life, her t-shirts are snarky, her coffee is endless, and she is talking about her favorite president, John Adams.


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