Blue Wave? Try Blue Tsunami

Precisely one year ago, Donald Trump won a slim Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton, sending him to the White House despite having lost the popular vote. But last night, Democrats were finally given something to feel good about. Across the nation, progressives picked up seats that had gone uncontested in previous years. Victories in Virginia were particularly exciting, with Democrats crushing the Republican supermajority in the House of Delegates down to a 50-50 tie and winning the governorship by an expected nine points.

In this episode of the podcast, Jordan Valerie spoke with Virginia DNC member and former President of the Young Democrats of America Atima Omara about the results of last night’s elections and what they mean for the Democratic Party heading into the 2018 congressional midterms.

Jordan Valerie is the Head Writer and Editor-in-Chief at Millennial Politics. She is also a cinephile, social justice advocate, and proud queer woman of color. You can pay her at and find her on Twitter @jordanvalallen.


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